Ongrovil® S-5070 is suitable for both rigid and plasticised applications. It is recommended for the extrusion of cable and core insulation, calendered and blown films, extruded plasticised profiles and sheets, injection moulded articles and production of rigid profiles.

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- Porous particle structure
- Narrow range of particle size
- Relatively high apparent density
- Excellent pourability even after compounding

Ideal for:

Building & construction: flooring, profiles
Electric & electronic: wires and cables
Packaging: films and sheets
Miscellaneous: transport, consumer cards, clothing & footwear, furniture & decoration, leisure, medical devices


Chemical composition: Suspension type PVC homopolymer of medium molecular mass

Appearance: White powder

Transport and packaging:
– 25 kg valve type multi-layer paper sacks. The allowed deviation of the net weight from the nominal value averages ± 2 % for 10 bags
– On request, in shrink-film wrapped unit packages on palettes or in 20 or 40 feet containers
– In 2 m3 “big-bags”, or in bulk in railway or road tankers