New ECVM press release: PVC saves money!

A new exclusive study – commissioned in 2011 by the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM) – reviews the total cost of ownership (TCO) of prime PVC products such as windows, pipes and flooring.

The comparative study undertaken by independent researchers shows the long term costs of PVC, as well as the fact that this versatile and safe material has very specific benefits in terms of efficiency and economy.

PVC provides decisive cost advantages not just in its low initial purchase and installation price, but also in its relatively low Total Cost of Ownership. TCO takes into account all costs associated with a product over its entire life cycle. It is a “customer centric” analysis which reveals the difference between the purchase price of a product and its true lifetime cost.

Amongst other points, the study concludes that PVC windows are considerably less expensive and cost much less to maintain then wood or aluminium; outdoor pipes durability over long time periods leads to lower replacement costs, and that PVC flooring is the most economical solution due to its low maintenance requirements.

These are significant points to note for public policy makers who are confronted with important choices to make in the fields of infrastructure investment and the renovation of buildings, social housing etc., - choices that are even more difficult in times of economic crisis.






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