EU Council's energy policy keeps industry at home

BRUSSELS, February 4, 2010 – Europe’s industrial competitiveness needs a boost from smarter, joined-up energy policy to keep EU firms from going abroad, chemicals trade group Cefic said in response to conclusions issued end of January by the EU Council on energy policy and innovation.

Cefic welcomed the EU Counil conclusions that look to carefully carve out the much anticipated “third energy package”, which aims at greater energy market competition to benefit consumers such as the energy-intensive chemicals sector. The trade group sees the third package as a crucial starting point to move towards efficient energy markets.

The Council concluded that taking a more integrated approach will foster more transparency in supply and pricing that can ultimately bring down energy costs for firms and households. They noted that integrating energy markets eliminate borders to create a more open, level playing field for pricing on an EU scale as it creates stronger infrastructure and harmonised regulation.

The EU chemical industry has considerably increased its energy efficiency during the past two decades, according to Cefic’s Facts & Figures report.

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