• Polyvinyl-chloride is a non hazardous material under Regulation 67/548/EEC
  • It should be stored in a dry, covered place, far from naked flame and ignition sources
  • The storage facility must be connected to the ground

Stability and reactivity

  • Conditions to avoid: above 120°C, endothermic decomposition occurs with release of hydrochloric acid gas
  • Materials to avoid: not known
  • Hazardous decomposition products: carbon monoxide, hydrochloric acid, smut


  • Comply with national and local regulations concerning waste treatment
  • Spilled, collected PVC resin can be used as off-grade product
  • Package: Packing material can be collected and incinerated or reused in conformity with national regulations


  • The product is not subject to rules on the carriage of dangerous goods

Fire-fighting measures

  • Suitable extinguishing media: carbon dioxide, dry powder, sprayed water jet, foam
  • Extinguishing media which should not be used for safety reasons: no restriction
  • Special hazards, combustion products: In case of combustion of PVC resin, hydrochloric acid gas is released and carbon monoxide can be released.
  • Special protective equipment: fire-fighting protective clothing and self contained compressed air breathing apparatus
  • Other information: fire hazard class: “D”, moderately flammable. Clean the environment thoroughly after extinguishing the fire

Regulatory information

  • No chemical safety analysis has been prepared for this material
  • Council Directive 92/32/EEC (7th ATP of directive 67/548/EEC) does not regulate this product